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Inspired by fragrance…

Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

An effective and protective Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick which keeps you feeling fresh and dry, while Witch Hazel cools and protects.

Antiperspirant Roll On Deodorant

A skin-kind Antiperspirant Roll On Deodorant enriched with cooling Witch Hazel, soothing Chamomile and naturally deodorising Coriander extract. Keeps you feeling fresh and dry.

Bath Elixir

A luxurious hydrating bath foam which creates a rich lather in your favourite fragrance.

Body Butter

A highly effective, super-hydrating body butter with softening Cocoa Butter and smoothing Shea Butter to hydrate and protect … INTENSIVELY!

Body Glow

Activate the glow. Apply to skin. Switch off lights. Have fun…!!!

Body Paint

Sweet and delicious. Paint on. Kiss off. Have fun…!!!

Body Scrub

Get your pulses racing with the circulation boosting combination of exfoliating Walnut shells, nourishing Jojoba oil and stimulating Juniper extract which leave your skin super smooth and gently cleansed.

Body Spray

Our much loved Deodorising Body Spray – a simple way to freshen, cool and fragrance your body. 

Body Wash

A luxury glycerin enriched hand & body wash which gently cleanses your skin without drying and creates a rich creamy lather. 

Dual phase Massage Lotion

Sweet and delicious. Smooth on. Kiss off. Have fun…!!!

Eau de Parfum / Eau de Toilette

The traditional way to enjoy your favourite fragrance. Select the fragrance to suit your mood or the occasion.

Glycerin Soap

A luxurious soap bar enriched with Coconut Oil based cleansers and Glycerin to gently cleanse and fragrance your skin.

Hand & Body Balm

A light, easily absorbed yet luxurious hand & body balm providing a gentle fragrance and long lasting moisturisation and softness for your skin.

Hand Cream

A rich and nourishing, easily absorbed hand cream formulated with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Lavender extract to protect, moisturise and repair your hands and nails.

Hair & Body Shine

This luxury Hair & Body Shine combines Japanese Wax and Coconut Oil to provide lustre and sheen, hold and texture leaving both hair and skin soothed and smoothed.

Kissable Body Spray

Sweet and delicious. Spray on. Kiss off. Have fun…!!!

Lip Glam

A shimmering treat for your lips. Sweet and delicious. Be free. Have Fun.

Love Dust

Dust on. Kiss off. Have fun…!!!

Massage Gel

A silicone rich formula which gently smooths your skin on contact allowing an indulgent sensual treat. Leaves skin silky soft, moisturised and super sweet.

Massage Oil

A luxurious blend of Sweet Almond, Apricot and Passionfruit oils to allow a smooth massage. Leaves your skin silky soft and moisturised.

Massaging Soap Sponge

A luxurious massaging soap sponge infused with glycerin soap in your favourite fragrance to gently exfoliate and lather as you wash.

Moisturising Velvet Touch Body Lotion

An indulgent velvet touch, richly moisturising lotion which leaves a glamorous, shimmering finish on your skin.

Mouth Freshener

Fabulously fruity and fresh flavours to keep your mouth tasting fresh. Alcohol Free.

Nourishing Shampoo

A luxurious nourishing shampoo enriched with smoothing Jojoba and strengthening henna suitable for all hair types.

Perfume Oil

A more intensive, long lasting way to enjoy your favourite fragrance

Pleasure Balm

Apply to lips. Feel the tingle. Kiss off. Have fun…!!!

Salt Scrub

A naturally purifying, exfoliating and skin conditioning salt scrub which leaves your skin feeling perfectly smoothed and moisturised.

Shimmering Lip Butter

The ultimate moisturising and glossing Lip Butter. Moisturising Shea Butter, softening Cocoa Butter, nourishing Beeswax and a shine-enhancing complex leave your lips feeling oh so kissable!

Soap Slice

A uniquely hand-crafted soap slice enriched with Coconut Oil based cleansers and Glycerin to gently cleanse and fragrance your skin.


A fine absorbent talc combined with your favourite fragrance to leave your skin feeling soft, dry and pleasantly fragranced.

Ultra-refreshing Hand Cleansing Gel

A convenient, no fuss, instant Hand Cleansing Gel formulated using caring Sweet Almond Extract.

Warming Massage Lotion

Massage this non-oily formula into your skin and blow for a sensual warm feeling. Sweet and delicious. Massage on. Kiss off. Have fun…!!!

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